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Snowman Wall-Hanging (Solaris Owners Only)

This super cute wall hanging was digitized by Rosy. It is all stitched in the hoop except for joining the blocks together. Fairy frost fabric, vinyl, and metallic threads give these adorable snowmen their sparkle. Use the camera/scanning features on your Solaris and learn to do bobbin work embroidery using specialty threads like Razzel-Dazzle and Pearl Crown Rayon. Rosy plans for you to complete one block in class and will show you how to do the bobbin work. You will need to purchase a separate bobbin case if you wish to do the bobbin work embroidery.

Supplies for Christmas Wall Hanging
The amount of fabric I am listing here is for one 15”x15” block excluding the backing and
border and what not. It is up to you to decide how many blocks you want the wall handing/
table runner to be. SNT has beautiful Christmas and other fabric you can purchase for
the backing and border.
1 – 8x8 or larger Hoop
1 - 10-5/8 x 10-5/8 hoop or larger
4 – No Show Mesh to fit the 8 x 8 or larger hoop
1 – Perfect Stick or 1 AquaMesh Plus for the 10-5/8 x 10-5/8 hoop ( you can use whatever you
have or whatever you can get from SNT store. It doesn’t matter what brand as long as it
works for you.) These stabilizers need to be larger than the hoop.
4 – 9” L x 9” W batting PLUS 1 small piece of batting for the scarf to give it some body.
4 white 12” L x 7” W or your own choice
4 green 13” L x 3-1/4” W or your own choice
4 red 11” L x 6” W or your own choice
4 green 3-1/2” L x 3” W for Christmas tree applique or your own choice
4 gold 2”L x 2” W for star applique
1 blue 6” L x 6” W snowman body applique (I used Fairy Frost, but it is your choice)
1 blue 5” L x 5” W snowman head applique ( I used Fairy Frost, but it is your choice)
1 black 4-1/2” L x 4-1/2” W snowman hat applique (I used Fairy Frost, but it is your choice)
(The reason I used Fairy Frost because it gives more sparkle!)
1 orange 1-1/2” L x 1-1/2” W for the snowman nose
1 -- 4” L x 5” W scarf fabric (your choice) (The scarf was an after thought as I thought the
snowman might be cold so I made a scarf for her!!!)
*Embroidery threads of your choice to match the colour of your fabric.
*Embroidery threads to match bobbin work threads
*Metallic threads -- I highly recommend you ask Curtis or Krista or Betsy if they can order
the King Star metallic threads. They don’t break or shred.
*Razzle Dazzle threads for bobbin work OR Pearl Crown Rayon.
*Regular sewing threads for stitching the blocks together

* Ruler by George for trimming
* Small sharp scissor for trimming applique
* 1 Rotary cutter and mat (we probably can use the mat at SNT)
* 1 gray bobbin case for bobbin work (Please get with SNT staff to order)
* Masking tape / Tear Perfect Maker Taope
* 1 USB flash drive
* Embroidery Needles sizes 75/11 to 90/14.
* Crochet threads or thin yarns for fringes for scarf
* 1 - 2 fully wound bobbins
* 2 - empty bobbins for specialty threads which I will show you how to
wind them.
* Pins
* A doll needle with a large eye for threading the specialty thread
* Walking or Dual Digital Foot for sewing blocks together
* Frixon Erasable Pen

Snowman Wall-Hanging (Solaris Owners Only)

$ 45.00
Includes free embroidery design

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