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Skinny Barn Applique

Perfect your applique skills while creating beautiful, seasonal wall-hangings. Learn to use more than just the standard blanket stitch and satin stitch to add a special touch. Margie will also give you tips on quilting your wall-hangings to bring out more detail. Choose to join the summer wall hanging class, the fall class, or enjoy both classes.

Supply List


The pattern recommends batiks.  Blenders, also, will work up nicely.

 Fabric to purchase

-PALE sky colors—blue, teal, orange, yellow—4 fat quarters (each must have 13” X 16.5”)

            NOTE:  Pale yellow will make the sun for every season, except Summer.

-Green  hills      5-6 fat quarters

                        NOTE:  Try to get varying shades and stay on the lighter side—mine are a little too dark.

-Black/White Stripe      ¼ yd   

                   NOTE:  My samples are not finished with the black and white stripe (as pictured) because I plan to put them together as one wall                                        hanging at a later date.

-Reds for barns—Regular and Dark—fat quarter each

-Snowy White hills and one fence—three shades of white—3 fat quarters

-Black barn roofs and binding—1 yd—also used for the letters to spell the seasons. 

            NOTE:  My samples have the seasons embroidered in place to save from cutting and sewing each


Fabrics for which you may have scraps

-Yellow for Summer sun

-Pink for pigs and flowers

            Gray (light and dark) for base of one barn

            Teal for Winter pine trees

-Tan and Brown fences and paths

            Orange flowers

-Batting and Backer Fabric

            Four pieces one for each banner—15” X 32”

 I recommend Floriani® Appli-Kay Wonder sold by Stitch ‘N Time.

 Light table—not required, but a worthwhile investment for anyone hooked on applique

NOTE:  Perfectly good tracing can be done using tape and a glass door or window.

Ink pen (or pencil)not the kind that erases with heat or water

Sewing machine

Threads to match the fabrics being appliqued

New needle in the machine (70 or 80)

Thread snips

Fabric scissors

Four different light-colored markers—one for each season

Snacks and drinks as needed to keep you going

I sewed on beads for eyes of the birds and pigs.  I glued on Winter snowflakes from my embellishment stash.

If you are new to applique and afraid to do anything, at least complete step one, below.  In class, we will start from the beginning, together. 

If you are antsy to get started, read the steps, below, and see how far you can go.

  1.     Label all of the fabrics with a number.
  2.     None of the pieces for the sky require application of the Floriani ® Appli-Kay Wonder.
  3.     A critical step when tracing onto the applique product is to leave a minimum of 1/8” around each piece so there is a something to trim once the fabric is bound to the applique product.  If using the Floriani ® Appli-Kay Wonder, remember to turn your pattern over before tracing.
  4.     Using an ink pen or pencil, trace the patterns onto the applique product, including the fabric number on each piece in addition to the number assigned by the pattern designer (very helpful for construction).  
  5.     At the end of tracing for each season, swipe a light-colored marker across each piece for easy sorting later. 
  6.     Trace and cut out all of the pieces just traced. 
  7.     With the fabric number on each piece, sort and iron all of the pieces for each color of fabric at the same time.  Remember, when using the Floriani ® Appli-Kay Wonder, iron the applique product on the BACK side of the fabric.
  8.     Using very sharp scissors, trim each piece along the traced pattern line.
  9.     Once they are all trimmed, sort them, again, by the seasonal color coding.  Sort onto paper plates, one for each season.  When finished, stack the plates, keeping the pieces safe and flat while reducing your clutter.
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Margie Moats

Skinny Barn Applique

$ 40.00
per class
Fall Wall-Hanging:   Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 9:30 am
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